Tim and Lisa

Tim and Lisa Mahan are the co-founders of Spirit Life Ministries and have been ministering as a team since 2009. They’re graduates of Charis Bible College and received their ministry licenses in 2013 and attended the CBC School of Ministry in 2014, where SLM was born.

Their adventure has included many amazing ministry opportunities, such as assisting in a church plant, coordinating prayer ministry for local church leaders, leading Bible studies, developing the altar ministry for a local church, tons of outreaches, hosting missions teams, as well traveling and hosting evangelism workshops.


We recently had Spirit Life Ministries come and hold several training sessions at our church. They taught on evangelism in a very relevant and easy to follow way. They practically equipped our church to start an evangelism outreach program at our church. Since they came we go out and evangelize every month and have seen great fruit. I personally know Tim and Lisa and they both are great kingdom leaders with the heart of God. I highly recommend them to any church that wants to take their outreach to the new level.

Rick McFarland

Senior Pastor – River Rock Church

Teaming up with Spirit Life Ministries has increased my confidence to just simply show the love of God, while listening and hearing the Holy Spirit.

Linda D.

Regular Outreach Participant

Spirit Life Ministries is a 21st century expression of New Testament realities. Faith, hope, love, power, and fun are undeniable marks of this ministry. The Mahans possess a depth and breadth of maturity and experience to motivate seasoned believers to minister to the unchurched. They also have the sensitivity to take beginners and develop them into confident, bold witnesses of the Gospel. I highly recommend Spirit Life Ministries from firsthand experience. Our church, as well as my life personally, are stronger and healthier because of their seminars and outreaches.

Dr. Jospeh Winger

Senior Pastor – Boulder Street Church

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